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Captain Catfeesh CDs


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'Burial Sounds' (2021) - 14 new solo tracks featuring 'Glass Case', 'Lemon Lover' and a new recording of 'Among the Living'.

'Muricana' (2018) - Acoustic release featuring unreleased song 'Flattened Anthem', a new recording of 'Only Feel Good in the Fall' plus full-band takes on 5 solo Catfeesh classics.

'A VHS Guide to Indigenous Cryptids' (2016) - The first full-band full-length Catfeesh release featuring '(Won't You) Be My Yeti Already', 'Proteins', and 'Crypto-Creeper'. (Currently out of print.)

'Double Axe Handle EP' (2014) - Two-piece Feesh release featuring the smash 'Bacon Earnhardt' and live favorite 'Greasy Side Up'.

'From Melmac to Eternia' (2006-2012) - Two disc set featuring 4 complete solo albums: 'Appalachian Attraction (2009)', 'The Devil Will Take You Back (2010)', 'Three Toed Sloth (2012)', and 'Combustible Things! (2012)', plus 11 previously unreleased tracks hand-selected from the vault by Cousin Michael and the Captain himself. 55 tracks total with a running time over 2.5 hours.

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